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"My Granddad was one of my all-time heroes.  He would say he had a lot of irons in the fire when things got busy.  I know now just what he meant.  These days, I am involved with several musical projects.  I love live music!!!  I am currently the bassist for the eclectic country/rock act BRANDY STILLS BAND.  In addition, I am doing my solo acoustic gig, which features my songwriting.  I also play acoustic bass for two bluegrass bands (SLEEPY CREEK and LONGMEADOW MINING COMPANY). And of course, you never know when THE ANTIETAM GENERALS will roll out!  I am very fortunate to be hooked up with some of the finest musicians in my four-state region (Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania). Thank you for taking time to visit JeffTaulton.com."   

"I hope to see you out at a live venue in the near future." (see "Show Dates" link) 
And remember, "Music is the universal language we can all get up and dance to.” jt

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             ~Jeff Taulton~
Love Me Long Time
Love Me Long Time (Video)
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