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"My granddad was one of my all-time heroes.  He would say he had a lot of irons in the fire when things got busy.  I know now just what he meant.  These days, I am involved with several musical projects.  I love live music!!!  I am currently the bassist for the eclectic country/rock act, THE BRANDY STILLS BAND.  In addition, I represent half of the duo, TKO (Taulton-Kay Offering), with the multi-talented Jon Kay!   THE ANTIETAM GENERALS continue to roll out a few dates each year with an unbelievably talented lineup including: JR Hann, Ragan Potts, James Hann and the aforementioned, Kay. I also play bass for Paul Beard’s bluegrass band, LONGMEADOW MINING COMPANY featuring Beard and banjo master Matt Hickman!   My very first band SPIKE will continue to do a few shows a year. And finally, I maintain my solo acoustic gig, which highlights my songwriting.  I am very fortunate to be associated with some of the finest musicians in the four-state region of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  Thank you for taking time to visit JeffTaulton.com.”
And remember, "Music is the universal language we can all get up and dance to.”   jt
    Welcome to the official website of Singer/Songwriter/Musician... 
              ~Jeff Taulton~
Love Me Long Time 
Love Me Long Time (Video) 
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